Urbnsurf Melbourne: Australia's first wave pool is powered by Wavegarden | Photo: Urbnsurf

Urbnsurf Melbourne is about to become Australia's first wave pool.

It took four days to fill the 22,000 square meter water lake, but the results are already visible.

The surf lagoon powered by Wavegarden is already producing its first waves in Tullamarine.

The structure was built across the road of Essendon Football Club, just a couple of minutes away from the Melbourne Airport.

In 18 months, the project morphed from paper to moving water and is ready to deliver 16 different types of waves.

Expect knee-high waves for beginner surfers, waist-high ripples for intermediate riders, and a challenging barreling wave for advanced surfers.

It will be Wavegarden's first public wave pool using its second-generation technology named The Cove.

Urbnsurf Melbourne: this wave pool will pump 1,000 waves per hour | Photo: Urbnsurf

16.6 Waves Per Minute

According to the developers, the wave generator - nicknamed "Roary" - will pump 1,000 ocean-like waves per hour, i.e., 16.6 waves per minute.

"Over the next weeks, we'll be working closely with Wavegarden to ramp up from ripples to runners to reeling tubes. It's a highly technical process, and it's not something we'll rush," reveals Andrew Ross, founder of Urbnsurf.

"The changes in weather, water depth, and winds were astounding to observe. We quickly understood which winds would create offshore conditions."

The surf park will accommodate Three Blue Ducks, a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating that will allow customers to watch surfers tearing the waves apart.

There will also be a surf shop, a rental center, and an academy. Urbnsurf Melbourne occupies an area of two hectares and will be open for business at night.

The first surfers are expected to ride Tullamarine's artificial waves in December when the summer season kicks off in Australia.

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