Wavecave is the new beach surf hotel

January 11, 2012 | Surfing
Wavecave: for surfboards and surfers

The Wavecave is the perfect solution for early morning surfers. The new surfboard bag that transforms into a tent is definitely a good surf sleep option for living the beach lifestyle, literally.

Surfing is all about traveling and searching for the perfect swell and wind in the perfect uncrowded beach, so every surfer should be ready to take a quiet nap, anytime.

Jez Fry and Marta Podhorski developed Wavecave after having patented their idea and "begged various sources for money". They ended up in Indonesia at a factory specializing in bags and tents.

Having secured both high quality materials and craftsmanship they proceeded to manufacturing the first batch. Wavecave works with resistant materials.

The surfboard bag-tent is made of 300-600D PVC waterproof canvas, 12mm high density polyfoam padding, tarpaulin, 5mm dividers, waterproof tent material and 5mm fiberglass rods.

It's very easy to install Wavecave. First, find some relatively flat ground to pitch your Wavecave. Open the tent which is stowed in a slender pocket inside the bag.

Then, remove the tent and clip it into both sides of the bag. Zip your way around the outside of the bag to erect the Wavecave. Finally, peg the Wave cave to the ground in necessary. That's it.

There are three products for double and triple 6'8'' and a triple 7'8'' version. Watch how it works.