WaveOz: the semicircular wave pool by Flowrider | Photo: Flowrider

Flowrider launched WaveOz, the world's first 180-degree stationary wave.

The new artificial wave has been recently installed in Thermas dos Laranjais, a water park located in Olímpia, Brazil, in Arroyo's Surfing Park, Puerto Rico, and Dubai's Laguna waterpark.

The WaveOz features an entirely inflatable riding surface with 187 feet of surfable area from wall to wall.

Operators may divide the 180-degree surface into multiple sections and offer up to 720 rides per hour. Its unique wave shape is also a synonym of more speed.

According to Flowrider, riders can use the same types of boards - bodyboard and flowboard - used in the company's multiple wave pool attractions.

"The WaveOz lets riders literally float on air. It's the highest capacity surfing machine in the world and uses the same sheet wave technology," notes Flowrider.

"It offers a whole new playing field to the sport of flowboarding. Its sheer linear space allows for more back-to-back tricks, and we believe it is the competition wave of the future."

With WaveOz, advanced riders can experience the thrill of dropping in, carving turns, throwing spray and performing an unending array of maneuvers.

Whenever the surfer wipes outs, a pillow padding will cushion the landing. The 180-degree surf machine by Flowrider generates revenue via ticket sales, but also through food, beverage, and retail.

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