Artificial waves: boats can give a helping hand | Photo: Ryan Williams

The Webber Wave Pools have announced the launch of the first commercial artificial wave model for theme parks and resorts.

Greg Webber, the man behind this Australian project, has been working hard on the concept since 2002.

He has been testing the breaking waves produced by a boat wake in a river and then tank testing and computer modeling the final design.

Webber worked through the research and development phase with the Australian Maritime College (AMC) in order to fine-tune the commercial concept.

Clear blue water, perfect waves, size of your choice, no crowd, and no sharks.

This unique surf pool will provide unlimited and infinite rides in waves that can reach one meter per 10m of pool diameter.

The waves break constantly around a circular island within a doughnut-shaped pool. Each hull continuously generates two waves. The more hulls you have, the more waves you will get.

A full US patent has been awarded to Liquid Time Pty Ltd, the company behind Webber Wave Pools.

The Australian brand is already open to installment proposals anywhere in the world and will be a serious competitor to Wavegarden.

Watch a few surf tests made in the waves produced by a boat wake in a river. Discover the best surf parks, surf pools, and artificial waves.

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