Weret: the world's first analog surf smartwatch | Photo: Weret

Meet Weret, the analog surf smartwatch inspired by Swedish automotive design and powered by Swiss watchmaking expertise.

Surfing watches are getting increasingly smarter and more technical and have become a fundamental piece of gear in any surfer's life.

Weret opens a new chapter in the surf watch segment and brings something new, distinctive, elegant, and unique.

It's a watch that combines the elegance of analog hands and stainless steel cases with digital devices and interface functionalities and options.

The smartwatch's sophisticated lines blend traditional watchmaking with Bluetooth technology that allows users to check surf conditions in real time.

The result is the revolutionary use of the second hand of the Weret watch as a Bluetooth antenna that connects a smartphone through the Weret app.

The world's first analog surf smartwatch also allows water sports enthusiasts to configure the dials according to their preferences.

Weret: the surf smartwatch features real-time swell and wind data powered by Magicseaweed | Photo: Weret

Wave, Weather, and Wind

But how does it work?

Weret is simple to set up.

All you need to do is install the app on your smartphone (Android or iOS) and follow the instructions.

Weret has three themes/modes that can be customized and/or switched at any given time - Wave, Weather, and Wind.

The Wave mode allows surfers to check swell height, swell direction, tide times, barometric pressure, and water temperature at any spot in the world.

The Wind mode was designed for windsurfers and kiteboarders.

It allows them to keep up to date with the wind speed and direction at their favorite spot.

The Weather theme features air pressure, sunrise and sunset times, air temperature, and wind conditions at a selected location.

Wave, wind, and weather data from 3,000 beaches in 180 countries is brought to you by Magicseaweed.

Weret: a surf smartwatch that combines Swiss watchmaking expertise with Bluetooth technology | Photo: Weret

A Sturdy Masterpiece

Make no mistake. Weret is one of the sturdiest surf watches ever released.

It is made of 316L surgical-grade stainless steel and features sapphire crystal glass that will protect the watch from scratches and corrosion.

Weret was launched in three limited editions available in Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scales.

There's the Weret Clean, in black or white, for those who look for a sophisticated design.

You can also choose the Weret 612 if the preference is for a more stylish look in rose gold or brushed stainless steel.

Last but not least, the Weret Blue highlights the surf elements and the iconic tide in the color of the seas.

The straps are available in three different materials: leather, canvas, and silicon.

All models come with a quick-release system, making it easy to swap according to the occasion.

With a touch on the crown, Weret toggles between Time mode and Weather mode, bringing extra data such as the tide flow.

The temperature scale and the barometer can be seen on the watch's outer scale, while the compass and Beaufort scale, showing wind or wave directions, swell height, and wind speed, are always at hand.

Another unique feature of Weret's technology is battery durability.

Thinking specifically of surfers' lifestyle, a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and optimized software enable battery charging of up to three months.

The watch gets recharged with the included wireless induction charger within 45 minutes.

Weret told SurferToday.com that the brand plans to release updates regularly for both the watch and the app.

One of them has to be the option to choose whether the wind/swell direction arrows are pointing in the direction of the origin or the direction of their movement.

But that is something that could be added to the app in future updates.

Although the Weret doesn't come with a backlight, the photoluminescent material on the hour and minute hands allows you to check the time on the watch at night.

Weret weighs 87 grams and is water-resistant up to 330 feet (10 meters).

This timeless masterpiece was nominated for the 2020 UX Design Awards and can be yours for $595. Available at shop.weret.com.

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