Surf Ranch: Florida will not have the world's first public wave pool by Kelly Slater | Photo: WSL

World Surf League (WSL) abandoned plans to build the Surf Ranch in Florida.

In a short statement sent via a public relations firm, the WSL announces the cancellation of the development of the wave pool set for West Palm Beach.

The WSL states, "The nature of this site, including the extremely high water table, exposed unforeseen challenges that made the decision around this unique project clear."

In 2017, Kelly Slater Wave Co. (KSWC) filed an application to build an 80-acre surf park just 120 miles from Cocoa Beach, the surfer's hometown.

Surf Ranch Florida was supposed to feature a 13-acre lagoon (2,000 feet long by 185 feet wide) and the barreling waves KSWC is known for.

The Surf Ranch owners underline that they've learned "important lessons" in this process and thank the local community for its support and enthusiasm for the project.

WSL says that they are "moving ahead with several other locations for wave systems powered by Kelly Slater Wave Technology" and refuses to make additional comments.

There is only one Surf Ranch facility in the world. WSL's private wave pool is located in Lemoore, California.

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