Zigfin: a blend by The Surf Nomad

Zigfin have created the world's first single tab dual fin system.

When a five fin setup is not enough, get 10 small fins under your surfboard and test them out in the liquid ramps. Simple as that. Tobias Smith, the inventor of the Zigfin, says they will give you "half the drag of a normal fin in average, everyday surfing conditions."

The Australian brand is designed and manufactured on the northern beaches of Sydney and aims to replace the thruster, quad and five fins with over 30 possible new configurations.

"I was even laughed out of some local board manufacturers at first, They said the smaller fin couldn't be used and there couldn't possibly be any more than four large fins, which was all that was available at the time," says Tobias Smith.

"Now, we see people using mini-quad fin trailers and five-fin setups all the time, like Kelly Slater using a nubster centre fin. Well, that's the norm now."

Zigfin believes that the single tab dual fin system provides greater control to traditional big wave fin setups by adding double the leading edge while not hindering with drag. The combination pictured above is by The Surf Nomad, and it is one of the multiple blends that you can test in your surfboard.

You've got the Centre Drives for punting in any surf, and the Sidebytes for increased traction in your thruster, especially in heavy wave and tow-in surfing sessions. Zigfin's formula can also be used in kiteboards, wakeboards, and stand up paddleboards.

Ready to boost higher punts?

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