BroStock 2014: fun in the sun

Harley Clifford has stolen the BroStock 2014, at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

The weather forecast forced organizers to run contest in one day, for the first time in nine editions. Therefore, the five-man final round was removed, and the 10-man semifinal became the final.

Twenty-two of the best riders in the world took to the water and put on a show. Giant double ups served up by the Axis A24, and driven by wake legend Gregg Necrason, were attacked during what became six hours of nonstop action.

This time, riders agreed that the first place should take home more of the purse - $10,000 in total - while the other nine would each get $3,000. There was plenty of incentive for all ten of the finalists to go all out.

Danny Harf was trying toeside double indy back rolls, Rathy tried switch wrapped heel side 1080s, Rusty pulled switch toe 10s, and Harley went after double indy tantrums, just to name a few.

In the end, it came down to who could land the best trick in the waning light, and nobody could match Harley Clifford, who rode second to last. He pulled off an unbelievably clean indy double tantrum to take home the top spot and the cash.

Aaron Rathy grabbed second, and Adam Fields got third to round out the podium. Of note is the fact that Fields has made the podium at BroStock in 2014 (3rd), 2011 (1st), and 2010 (2nd).

BroStock 2014 Results

1. Harley Clifford
2. Aaron Rathy
3. Adam Fields

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