Brady Patry and JB O'Neill: tandem wakeboarding at Next Level Ride in Austin

Brady Patry is one of the most talented cable park wakeboarders out there.

The goofy-footed rider from Edmond, Oklahoma, is able to perform and land every wake trick, but he is also known for adding his creative instinct to each maneuver.

Whether Patry is riding a classic wakeboard or throwing unexpected wakeskating moves, he always keeps us entertained and makes things look terribly easy.

This time, he joined JB O'Neill at Next Level Ride, Austin's wakeboard cable park.

Tandem Wakeboarding

The duo spent some time in the water, challenging each other, and trading tricks at 20 miles per hour.

They also got JP Raley into the show. The man who has already thrown himself 21.4 feet up in the air showed why he isn't stopping riding at least until he hits 90.

But the best moment of the session came when Patry used O'Neill as a human wakeboard.

Brady was able to keep riding on the back of his friend for a whole lap around the cable park. Can tandem wakeboarding become a discipline of its own?