Godfrey Clan tests the Mastercraft NXT22 fun factor

April 16, 2015 | Wakeboarding
Wake party: the Godfrey Clan do their best to sell the 2016 Mastercraft NXT22

The wakeboard boat industry is a very competitive business. Nowadays, you've got be creative in order to be on top of the game. And that was exactly what Mastercraft did to sell its NXT22.

Let's get the party started. Literally, in this particular case. Mastercraft invited the Godfrey Clan for a day on the lake. As you will see, the brand, the boys and the girls put on a show of tandem wakeboarding, air tricks and bouncy house riding.

The stunt-centric first family of full-throttle fun traveled from Utah and had the time of their lives. What more could they do to help selling a dreamy wake machine?

The 2016 Mastercraft NXT22 has room for 14 friends, and was engineered from the hull-up to perform across all categories of tow sports including wake, slalom and surf. The company say it displays "more power, more ballast and more maneuverability."

The NXT22 also utilizes Zero Off cruise control to regulate the boat's speed within 100th of a second by incorporating data from satellites and the boat's own GPS.

"Slice through water to free ski. Pull out the inflatables and tow the kids without skipping a beat. When you’re in the mood to throw down and wakeboard, no problem. And surfing is amazing with the NXT22’s big ballast and the optional surf system," adds Mastercraft.

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