Harley Clifford claims the 25th Annual Wakeboard National Championships

July 28, 2014 | Wakeboarding
Harley Clifford: podium smiles

Harley Clifford has conquered the 25th Annual Wakeboard National Championships, at the BSR Cable Park, in Waco.

Clifford pulled some of the biggest airs of the entire event, mixing in stylish toe and heel side rotations as well as sound rail riding.

The dream run was executed perfectly and was just enough to overcome a stacked field of competitors that included Rusty Malinoski, Bob Soven, Noah Flegel, Oli Derome and Danny Harf.

"It's unbelievable to win Nationals. Everyone was ripping all weekend, and I'm just lucky I was able to stick all the tricks I wanted to and it was good enough to get the victory," says Harley Clifford.

In the Women's division, Melissa Marquardt's run had it all including the biggest airs of the heat, smooth style and highly technical rail sections. The finals also featured Amber Wing, Meagan Ethell, Taylor McCullough, Bec Gange and Raimi Merritt.

Brian Grubb and Gunner Daft took the Pro Wakeskate and Junior Pro Men divisions respectively.

25th Annual Wakeboard National Championships

Men's Pro
1. Harley Clifford, 94.33
2. Rusty Malinoski, 85.00
3. Bob Soven, 80.00
4. Noah Flegel, 77.50
5. Oli Derome, 75.00
6. Danny Harf, 48.33

Women's Pro
1. Melissa Marquardt, 82.00
2. Maber Wing, 78.00
3. Meagan Ethell, 75.00
4. Taylor McCullough, 71.67
5. Raimi Merritt, 61.67

Pro Wakeskate
1. Brian Grubb
2. Reed Hansen, 77.67
3. James Balzer, 65.00
4. Danny Hampson, 59.00

Junior Pro Men
1. Gunner Daft 89.75
2. Parker Siegele, 88.25
3. Robby Holihan, 72.75
4. Jason Soven, 72.75
5. James Loisel, 65.50
6. Nic Rapa, 61.00

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