Wakeboards: rocker and flexibility are the main characteristics

Choosing the right wakeboard involves understanding the flexibility and rocker profile, the main characteristics at stake in wakeboard performance.

Wakeboards should be picked according to your level of experience. Riding a beginner wakeboard is different from experiencing an advanced wakeboard plank.

There are two main variables in a wakeboard.

Apart from the graphic side of the wakeboard, flexibility and the rocker profile will define the way you ride.

The Rocker

The rocker curve is one of the roots of the performance definition of a board. Different styles and approaches require different curves.

There is no "right" curve that works for everyone. It's all about what feels right for you.

That's why you'll see different boards incorporate varying degrees of these three basic rocker types.

From the smooth flow of a continuous rocker to the high arching pop of a hybrid, try out a variety of boards to see what works best for you and your riding style.

Wakeboard Rockers: continuous, hybrid, three-stage and five-stage

The continuous rocker profile offers a smooth, predictable ride, with flowing transitions into turns. The hybrid rocker profile blends two curves together for improved performance.

The three-stage rocker profile adds a break in the curve for an aggressive riding style and a flatter center curve for speed and rail control.

The five-stage rocker profile gives the rider an extra straight-up kick off the wake without the braking effect of a traditional abrupt three-stage bottom curve.

The Flexibility

Then, you've got flex boards that are built for rail riding in the most creative cable wakeboarding parks.

When you're hitting the rails, you don't want the stiffness of the traditional wakeboards. You want them to adapt to the impact and, therefore, to be more flexible.

Take a look at the wakeboard size chart and pick the board that fits your weight.

Liquid Force, Slingshot, Byerly, Ronix, Hyperlite, Gator, CWB, and O'Brien are the best wakeboard manufacturers in the world.