Waxthat: wax for wakeboards | Photo: Waxthat

Have you ever wondered if you should wax your wakeboard? Although the opinion is not unanimous among riders, a Dutch company has decided to produce and sell a special grip for wakeboards.

Waxthat says it has created the "world's first wakeboard wax for maximum park performance". The new product is completely made and poured in Scheveningen, Netherlands. And the results, they say, are great.

"We're putting an end to sticky moments on park features! Waxthat is biodegradable, non-toxic and containing environmentally friendly additives," explains the newly-founded company.

"Our original formula brings balance to the forces of friction and glide, giving you dependable board feel on virtually any feature surface. Our goal at Waxthat is to produce the finest quality wakeboard wax while maintaining strong environmental standards."

Antoine Allaux is Waxthat's first ambassador. The French wakeboarder confirms that boards will no longer behave differently because of its nose or tail design. The new wakeboarding wax balances glide and friction.

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