Nic Rapa conquers the 2018 PWT Acworth

May 21, 2018 | Wakeboarding
Nic Rapa: he beat Teunissen by half point | Photo: Cortese/PWT

Nic Rapa and Sean Silveira have taken out the second event of the 2018 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour (PWT), held at Lake Allatoona's Dallas Landing Park, in Acworth, Georgia.

The final round featured some of the most intense competition the PWT has ever seen, and given the tight-knit races of the past, that's saying something.

The podium was separated by a mere 1.67 points, while the difference between first and second was only a half point! It was a tough decision between Cory Teunissen and Nic Rapa's, runs but the judges awarded Rapa the top spot.

Judge Andrew Adkison called it the hardest decision he's ever had to make. While Teunissen landed two double inverts and the only 1080 of the day, he left the window open, but just barely, for fellow Australian Rapa.

Rapa seized that opening by going huge and stomping every single one of his tricks. At the end, that put him above Teunissen by a half point, and on top of the podium.

Rookie Tyler Higham made his first PWT finals, and while his runs weren't up to his expectations, he was excited just to make it that far.

"It got a bit rolly in the finals, so I didn't land everything I wanted to, but to make the finals against all those guys in just my second PWT event was really cool," said the young Oregonian.

Sean Silveira claimed his first Pro Wakesurf Tour event after defeating fellow finalists Jonathan Akerman and Parker Payne. Silveira is a six-time Flowrider world champion and just started competing on the Pro Wakesurf Tour last year.

Hard work pays off! I'm so pumped on my first PWT victory this weekend in Acworth. Set those goals people, and achieve them - that's the most rewarding thing life," expressed Silveira.

The Supra Boats SA550 is the official tow boat for the tour again in 2018. It was built to create clean, consistent and controlled wakes. The next stop on the 2018 Pro Wakeboard Tour is Mooresville, North Carolina.

2018 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour | Acworth, GA

1. Nic Rapa (AUS)
2. Cory Teunissen (AUS)
3. Tony Iacconi (USA)

1. Sean Silveira (USA)
2. John Akerman (USA)
3. Parker Payne (USA)