The best wakeboard towers in the world

Wakeboard towers: robust, impact-resistant, and durable | Photo: Big Air

Wakeboard towers are an essential accessory in modern wake boats. They hit the market in the 1990s and have never stopped conquering new enthusiasts. Discover everything you should know about wake boat towers.

If your boat's engine lacks power, riders can get an extra boost with an intelligent wakeboard tower system. They're also cool, but that doesn't mean you absolutely need them.

As you might have noticed, wakeboard towers don't come with all boats. Companies like Centurion, Gekko, Malibu, Mastercraft, Moomba, Nautique, Supra, Supreme, and Tige are already marketing wake boats with built-in towers.

These structures must be functional and safe. Otherwise, they won't play their role in the wakeboarding game. A firmly-secured tower and smooth welds are mandatory rules in the industry. And a powder coated protection will undoubtedly extend the lifetime of your investment.

You can easily spot the differences between the best wakeboard towers and cheap models. Units made of high-quality thick aluminum tubes are impact-resistant, and will not bend, creak or break during extreme wakeboarding sessions.

If you're buying a brand new wakeboard tower, you shouldn't have to worry about installation. There are universal design solutions that can be quickly installed on a boat in a couple of hours. Just confirm that what you're buying fits the boat's width and length. In other cases, wake tower manufacturers produce specific models for different boats.

There are also custom made towers developed by wake boat companies. Despite being an expensive option, these towers will perfectly fit your boat model.

Wakeboard tower: there are specific models for pontoon boats | Photo: WakeWorks

The wakeboard tower offers multiple advantages:

1. Protects from the sun;
2. Provides a structure for sound speakers;
3. Provides a structure for a light system;
4. Provides a structure for wakeboard racks;
5. Provides rider additional hang time;
6. It's easier to move around the boat;
7. Adds an elevated tow point;

In some cases - especially if you keep the boat in a dry dock or standard garage - make sure you get a collapsible model. A few wakeboard tower brands offer a lifetime warranty, but the truth is that all details matter. Check for the top tube options, slide-to-adjust functionalities, recessed bolts, hidden screws, and the overall quality of the hull mounts.

Finally, confirm which aftermarket wakeboard tower looks good on your boat. In the end, it's all about wakeboarding, and getting riders up in the air.

Big Air's "Vapor Tower" has a swooped styling, thick and rigid tubing, ultra polished finish, and universal mounts. It will accommodate any boat between 72" and 108" in width, and can be quickly and easily folded by one person.

The "MT1 Tower" by Monster Tower features double header bars for additional strength and accessory mounting area. It is easy to install in any boat with a 60''-102'' beam, it is fully collapsible, and completely silent.

The "MTK Tower" by Monster Tower features robust 2.5'' diameter pipe construction and a corrosion resistant finish. The model is sold in polished and anodized aluminum or with black powder-coated finish.

The "Catapult" model by Reborn comes with a tower bimini. It can also slide backwards or forwards for minor adjustments. Made with 6063 aircraft aluminium tubing.

The "Vulcan Vector" wakeboard tower delivers a stable pull behind the boat, and it is fully collapsible to near windshield height. Backing plates and mounting hardware are included.

The "OWT-I" by Origin is built with the strongest aluminum, and offers a firm structure at a relatively low price. Its shiny polished finish and universal design will fit your boat.

Jobe's "Anodized Addict 1.3 Tower" is made from the best aviation-grade aluminium available, and giving you extra air time and more space inside the boat. The two tubes connect to its horizontal bars, which run parallel to most window-lines, and make the tower more rigid and stable.

The "WakeWorks F250 Pontoon" by Aerial is an excellent choice for pontoon boats. It provides the correct height tow point and features a universal design with an adjustable width for all boat models.

Other wakeboard tower manufacturers include Air Boom, Barewest, Indy, Roswell and Skylon.

This wakeboard tower review has been updated on December 12, 2017.