Bernd Roediger: back in Naish | Photo: Naish

Naish will return to the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) World Tour as an industry sponsor.

The decision to rejoin the professional windsurfing circuit was announced by the legendary windsurfer and president of Naish International, Robby Naish.

"Naish's commitment to the sport of windsurfing has never wavered. Our passion for the sport is still burning strong; it is close to our hearts. I still windsurf almost every day, and I want Naish to become a major player again," revealed Robby Naish.

"Kitesurfing and SUP are bigger sports for us, commercially, but windsurfing is growing again. We took a step back from the tour for a few years, but we're back!"

The brand had stepped out of the pro circus a few years ago, but Robby's recent participation on the Maui Aloha Classic ignited the competitive fire in him. As a result, sailors will be able to enter PWA event with Naish's sails and boards.

Meanwhile, Naish announced a contract deal with Bernd Roediger. The 19-year-old windsurfer and SUP athlete is back in Robby's team.

“What drew me in right away was how closely Naish works with their riders. I'm supported by a team of shapers and designers, spending a lot of time up there working on all aspects of my gear. That constant innovation transfers straight to the production boards, sails, paddles, whatever we're all using!" concluded Roediger.

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