PWA World Tour: the professional windsurfing circuit is back in 2021 | Photo: Carter/PWA

The Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) announced a provisional calendar for the 2021 season.

In times of uncertainty, travel restrictions, and sudden Covid-19 outbreaks, the professional windsurfing circuit released a tentative schedule featuring 13 stops.

Despite the efforts from local event organizers and the PWA, only two contests got underway in 2020 - Croatia and Denmark.

"Despite the challenges we're facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we're working hard to ensure that world-class windsurfers get back to the water as soon as possible," the PWA World Tour notes.

In 2021, the official windsurfing circuit sanctioned by World Sailing will award an identical prize money structure for both men and women and across all disciplines.

The PWA World Tour is the longest-running professional windsurfing series in the history of the sport.

It crowns male and female champions across four disciplines: wave windsurfing, foil windsurfing, freestyle windsurfing, and slalom windsurfing.

The provisional calendar for 2021 includes nine stages in Europe, three events in Asia, and one contest in Oceania.

"We cannot guarantee that we will run all events, but we wanted to allow athletes to start to plan their agenda," the PWA adds.

"These event dates are relatively solid but, due to the pandemic, some stages may be changed or rescheduled to different dates."

"In the worst-case scenario, we may be forced to announce the cancellation of some the following events."

PWA World Tour: the longest-running professional windsurfing series in the history of the sport | Photo: Carter/PWA

2021 PWA World Tour | Provisional Calendar

France, Marignane | May | TBC

Israel | Slalom 5* | June | TBC

Spain, Catalonia/Costa Brava | June 8-13 | TBC

Portugal, Viana do Castelo | Slalom 5* | June 21-26

Croatia | Slalom 2* | July 2-7

Spain,Gran Canaria/Pozo Izquierdo | Wave 5* | July 9-17

Sri Lanka | Slalom 5* | July 20-25

Spain, Fuerteventura/Sotavento | Slalom & Freestyle 6* | July 29 - August 7

Spain, Tenerife/El Cabezo | Wave 5* | August | TBC

South Korea, Ulsan/Jinha Beach | Slalom 5* | September 5-10

Denmark, Cold Hawaii/Klitmoller | Wave Youth | September 12-18

Germany, Sylt/Brandenburger Strand | Slalom, Wave & Freestyle 7* | September 24 - October 3

New Caledonia, Noumea | Slalom 5* | November | TBC

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