Antoine Albeau: the fastest windsurfer of all time at La Palme | Photo: POS

Antoine Albeau has broken windsurfing's nautical mile speed world record at Plage du Rouet in La Palme, France.

The multiple-time world champion has done it again.

Albeau rode his windsurf board at 43.04 knots during the 2020 Prince of Speed, the speed sailing event organized by Principe Andrea Baldini.

The new world record improves Vincent Valkenaers' mark by 0.81 knots. Last year, the Belgian windsurfer had set a new high at 42.23 knots at the same venue.

Antoine Albeau is back to the world record books and ecstatic with his performance at the super windy Plage du Rouet.

"It was great. It was windy, and I did a few good runs. I am happy to have returned to La Palme," expressed Antoine Albeau.

Antoine Albeau: he holds three windsurfing speed sailing world records | Photo: POS

Project 2020-2023

The French bullet also concludes his appearance at Prince of Speed with another accomplishment. The 48-year-old veteran windsurfer broke the windfoil's nautical mile mark with 30.76 knots.

Antoine Albeau is the fastest windsurfer in the world. In November 2015, he sailed at 53.27 knots during the Luderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia, setting a world record that has not yet been broken.

In January 2020, he announced he was aiming to break the all-time speed sailing world record in a 500-meter run.

Albeau teamed up with Marc Amerigo to chase the 65.45 knots mark set by Paul Larsen and his Sailrocket 2. The French will be training and working on the project from 2020 through 2023.

Antoine Albeau was born on June 17, 1972, in La Rochelle, France. Throughout his career, he won 25 world windsurfing titles.

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