RS:X World Championships: Búzios is windy and warm

The 2013 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships will hit Búzios, in Brazil, from March 1st-6th, as a series of regattas held in the the American continent, in the beginning of the new year.

There will be 120 sailors in the Men's division and 60 windsurfers in the Women's category. Six fleet races shall be completed before a quarterfinal, semi final or final is scheduled.

Manguinhos, in Búzios, is one the best windsurfing spots in Latin America. Its waters are calm, warm and clean, without strong waves breaking on the shore, without ditches or currents, without rocks or forests over its five kilometer extension.

An Eastern wind parallel to the beach, which curves to become perpendicular to the wind and calmly embrace you if you need it. Manguinhos is a sort of lagoon in the sea, perfect for beginners as well as advanced windsurfers.

The wind season in Manguinhos runs from July to November, with winds ranging from 17 to 30 knots. Nevertheless, the region offers great wind conditions all year round.

Portugal is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, food, historical monuments, nice weather, and friendly people. But the westernmost European country is also a popular wave riding destination.

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