Formula Windsurfing: Europe is loving it

The 2014 Formula Windsurfing European Cup Series will kick off on the beautiful flat waters of Alqueva, in Alentejo, Portugal.

The Alqueva Dam is one of the largest dams and artificial lakes (250 square kilometers) in Western Europe. The spot is also one of the best places for windsurfing in Portugal.

The best European Formula windsurfers will set sail, on March 1st, 2014, for a long series of exciting races.

The 2014 Formula Windsurfing European Cup Series includes 11 stops in nine countries. After the Portuguese stage, windsurfers head to Lithuania, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Italy, Poland, Latvia and Croatia.

The Formula Windsurfing class says that "it is hoped that one or two late additions can be made to the tour calendar".

Venues and dates have been scheduled close together to enable both European and non-European-based racers to achieve a series ranking.

The windsurfers' best five results will be tallied to the overall rankings. The 2014 Formula Windsurfing European Cup Series will wrap up in Domaso, Italy, in September.

2014 Formula Windsurfing European Cup Series Schedule:

March 1-4 | Alqueva, Alentejo, Portugal
May 23-25 | Baltic Cup, Svencele, Lithuania
May 27-June 1 | Rollei Summer Opening, Sylt, Germany
June 4-7 | Finnish Cup, Kalajoki, Finland
June 13-15 | Baltic Cup, Tallinn, Estonia
June 30-July 5 | FW Festival, Gallipoli, Italy
July 17-19 | Polish European Cup, Leba, Poland
July 22-27 | Volvo Surf Cup, Sylt, Germany
August 8-10 | Baltic Cup, Liepaja, Latvia
September 2-6 | Croatian Open, Viganj, Croatia
September 12-14 | Domaso, Como, Italy

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