EFPT: the European Freestyle Pro Tour has been up and running since 2003 | Photo: EFPT

British windsurfer and video producer Adam Sim is the new owner of the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT).

Sims, 32, accepted the challenge to take over the EFPT after being approached by its managing team.

"I am extremely proud to take on the new role as owner and CEO of the European Freestyle Pro Tour," expressed Adam Sims.

"I'm very excited to have a solid - and experienced - team working side by side with me. I have to thank Tom Hartmann and Harry Schaffrian for their dedication and commitment to the tour."

The EFPT was founded in 2003.

It is by far the longest-running competitive freestyle windsurfing series in the Old Continent and the world.

EFPT is officially sanctioned by the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) and qualifies athletes for the PWA Freestyle World Tour.

Adam Sims says he was caught off guard and wasn't expecting to run the show from 2021.

However, the new CEO of EFPT says it "goes hand in hand with the media production company" he owns.

"Tom and Harry did a fantastic job for 12 years," adds Sims.

"I would like to reassure riders, future pros, girls, juniors, rookies, and event organizers that the EFPT is in safe hands."

Increased Engagement With Fans

Sims says he has several ideas he wants to implement, even though they won't all come at once, especially after a season off.

The new owner plans to update EFPT's corporate identity, release a 2021 calendar, and start releasing more content and media between events.

Adam Sims also promises an end-of-year award ceremony and more live stream, event highlights, and TV broadcast opportunities.

Danny Kater will be responsible for managing the races.

Sims plans to produce more video content, news stories, rider stats, and athlete profiles to keep the windsurfing community engaged with the brand.

When it comes to long-term plans, the CEO of EFPT is looking forward to setting a steady 8-to-12 event schedule per year, boosting women's participation, and running an entirely carbon-neutral series.

"We will keep the EFPT core as it is, and then, enhance junior and rookie camps for newcomers hosted by pro riders before events," concludes Adam Sims.

"I also plan to develop the foil freestyle side of windsurfing, with some shows running alongside - or combined with - the no-wind showdowns."

Adam Sims believes he will not be competing as much as in the past.

He will now focus his energy on creating a highly professional European Freestyle Pro Tour with a strong emphasis on media production and the stars of the sport.

Ultimately, his goal is to get top freestylers to make a move to the main arena - the PWA World Tour.

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