Andrea Ferin: he set a new foil windsurfing record at the 2019 One Hour Classic | Photo: Andrea Mochen

One hundred windsurfers participated in the 2019 One Hour Classic, held in Lake Garda, Trentino, Italy.

The legendary one-hour race organized every year by Circolo Surf Torbole debuted an official foil division and honored the memory of Alberto Menegatti.

For the first time since it began 30 years ago, the event had three days of splendid wind conditions.

The One Hour Classic has a simple concept: to beam reach, in one hour, the maximum number of laps around a course defined by two marks positioned on the opposite east and west sides of the lake.

Bruno Martini prevailed in all three slalom sessions and impressed for the distance he kept from his direct opponents - often at least half a side, i.e., 2.2 kilometers between one mark and the other.

Martini was close to his own previous record of 19 laps in one hour and 31 seconds of 2018, stopping the chronometer only 37 seconds later with 46,7 kilometers sailed.

The speed record has been set, however, by Malte Reuscher, the runner-up, with 32,37 knots. The third place went to Andrea Ferin with 18 laps in one hour, four minutes, and 30 seconds.

On the women's side, Turkish world champion Lena Erdil had no rivals.

She won the event with 16 laps in one hour, six minutes and 24 seconds, and secured an excellent 23rd place overall among 100 riders.

The second and third places went to Sofia Renna and Anna Biagiolini, respectively.

Bruno Martini: he completed 19 laps at the 2019 One Hour Classic | Photo: Andrea Mochen

The Foil Record

2019 One Hour Foil race was a hard-fought affair between Bruno Martini, who prevailed in the first two days, and Andrea Ferin.

In the last competition, redeemed himself, overcame equipment malfunction, and not only on the competition but also broke the record with 17 laps in one hour and 23 seconds.

Andrea Ferin dethroned Matteo Iachino's last year mark and set a new standard for future editions.

Malte Reuscher and Bruno Martini finished second and third, respectively.

Russian windsurfer, Gurko Irina, was the first female foil rider also left a good impression in a new discipline that is gaining more and more success in the windsurfing and kitesurfing worlds.

"It was a highly demanding but certainly unforgettable edition. We had never seen three days of races with these wind conditions," explained Armando Bronzetti, president of Circolo Surf Torbole.

"There were no interruptions due to wind drops, we had every start on schedule, and steady wind intensity, which is critical in slalom races."

2019 One Hour Classic | Top 3

Classic Windsurf
1. Bruno Martini, 19 laps (1:01:08)
2. Malte Reuscher
3. Andrea Ferin

Foil Windsurf
1. Andrea Ferin, 17 laps (1:00:23)
2. Malte Reuscher
3. Bruno Martini

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