Sean O'Brien: get windsurf fit

Staying fit in windsurfing is a challenging goal. Australian rider Sean O'Brien has developed two complete 12-week progressive training programs specifically designed for windsurfers of all levels.

"Get Windsurf Fit" is the title of Sean O'Brien's 84-page downloadable eBook, a complete home and gym guide to ensure that you develop an injury-free amateur or professional career in windsurfing.

In fact, Sean partnered with Swiss personal trainer Nic Pillonel to deliver a revolutionary Performance Training Program to get your body ready for a long summer of windsurfing.

Achieving strength and fitness conditioning will improve your performance on the water, as well as your overall fitness and enjoyment whilst windsurfing.

"Competing on the Windsurfing Tour over the past 9 years has put incredible stress on my body. Adding strength and conditioning work to my training has helped me stay strong and importantly, prevent injuries that are common in our sport. Windsurfing alone is simply not a good enough single source of exercise", explains Sean O'Brien.

Strong winds and epic swells are particularly challenging for windsurfers. You might need to rest regularly or struggle to maintain your technique due to sore muscles or exhaustion.

"Get Windsurf Fit" will help you with exercises for the upright position on the board, the continuous switch from an upright position to a half squat or half sitting position, trimming the sail with trained arm and back muscles and overall aerobic conditioning.

Developing the right muscles for windsurfing, decreasing the risk of injury and maintaining your fitness are key ingredients to physical success in windsurfing.

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