Hans Kreisel: driven by speed | Photo: Beadle/Luderitz Speed Challenge

Hans Kreisel has broken the world record for the fastest 10-second runone-second average speed on open water, at The Brace, in Oosterland, the Netherlands.

Kreisel has a very good reason to open a bottle of champagne. The Dutch was contacted by a TV news team to do a story about speed windsurfing. And they couldn't have chosen a better day.

"My goal is to be the fastest windsurfer in the world. In my first run, I peaked at 100,26 km/h. Conditions were really rough and extreme downwind especially going into the run," explained Hans Kreisel.

A lot of guys were really struggling to get on the course. I was happy that I have been sailing a lot in extreme wind conditions lately, so I didn't have any problems."

Kreisel tried to step up his game. He wanted to get five runs above 90 km/h (48.59 knots) but the changing tide made things worse for the windsurfer. On his last run, Hans crashed. But he is ready to repeat and improve his mark.

Hans Kreisel's records will be ratified by the World GPS Surfing Record Committee (WGPSSRC) for the open water category. They are:

1-second peak: 100,224 km/h (54,12 knots)
Maximum 2 seconds: 99,83 km/h (53,9 knots)
Maximum 10-second run: 93,38 km/h (50,42 knots)

Antoine Albeau still leads the overall speed sailing rankings under the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC), which include marks achieved in man-made speed strips. Discover the best speed windsurfing tips.

Hans Kreisel: computer says 'yes'

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