Hundreds of windsurfers expected at the 2011 Lancelin Ocean Classic

October 11, 2010 | Windsurfing

Lancelin Ocean Classic: 25 kilometres of pleasure

The 2011 Lancelin Ocean Classic will be held between 6th and 9th January.

The entries for the event are open. The 2011 event will be the biggest in its 26 year history so if you have not entered this race why not make 2011 your year?

The marathon is a down wind course of approximately 25 kilometers and over the years has seen from 200 to 400 starters, many entering just to try to complete the grueling course.

Wave sailing is the more spectacular discipline with over 70 competitors sailing in four man heats trying to out manoeuvre each over with the highest aerials or radical wave riding. Slalom is high speed racing, with speed, jibing and accuracy being the winning qualifications.

If you have entered before, you know how good the beer tastes when you finish.

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