Jason Polakow: he found perfection in Indonesia | Photo: Ivkov/Red Bull

The first windsurfer to ever take on Nazaré's Praia do Norte continues to impress.

Jason Polakow is probably the most well-rounded wave sailor on the planet, and it's quite clear why. This time, he got on a plane to what appears to be T-Land, in Indonesia.

"Indonesia has always been on my bucket list. I've been watching the Indian Ocean fire up every year, so I've been doing a lot of research and hearing a lot of ghost stories, so I thought it's time that I come out here and find something," explained the Australian.

Polakow was thrilled about the experience and felt part of the Indonesian culture straightaway. But the waves were too good to be true.

"I very rarely get conditions that good, and just seeing these perfect waves come through, I wanted to go out there so bad. I was really scared about the conditions because of the strong offshore winds. It's very gusty and hard to hold on to the waves," added Jason.

Polakow ended up scoring perfect, fast mast-high waves. But the windsurfing legend also suffered at the hands of the Indonesian freight trains.

"I sometimes put myself a little bit too far inside and paid the price of getting wiped out. I basically went through all my quiver, and had only a few sails left."

Ultimately, Polakow's windsurfing trip to Indonesia paid off. The footage speaks for itself.

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