Kona CarbOne: keeping the concept alive

Kona Windsurfing has announced the launch of a brand new board built on the successful Kona One concept.

The Kona CarbOne is an exclusive niche product with only superior materials used to create as strong and light boards as possible.

"We have listened to the Kona community. There is a market segment demanding a product that considers only quality and performance. CarbOne is the answer to this demand, " reveals Joachim Larsson from the development team.

The new board is built on the successful Kona One concept. The two boards have the same measures. The difference is in the material used. CarbOne is constructed using carbon, which makes it lighter and more rigid, but it is also priced at a different level.

"We believe very much in the new product and would say it will be able to compete with the fastest freeride and slalom boards in the markets," adds Larsson.

Kona Windsurfing will continue to focus on Kona One, which has evolved into one of the world's largest one-type windsurfing classes in just a few years.

The concept is built on a very flexible design, with a step-tail as a distinct feature.

This basically means two boards in one; in light conditions, the full length is used, while the step-tail shortens the board in stronger wind and gives excellent planning capabilities.

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