PWA Slalom World Tour: windsurfing's 100-meter sprint in track and field | Photo: Carter/PWA

Nicolas Prien started a new windsurfing video series on life in the PWA World Tour.

The German professional slalom racer is one of the 64 athletes competing in the six events that will crown a world champion at the end of the year.

Prien wanted to share with the fans the details, the stories, the drama, the emotions, and the personalities that participate in this high-performance windsurfing discipline.

The registration days, the no-wind lulls, the tactics, the training, the equipment tests and changes, the gear choices, the injuries and the camaraderie between all PWA windsurfers are subject of an in-depth analysis.

In the slalom division, athletes race in groups of eight around a downwind course with a limited amount of gear they can use.

"It's the 100-meter sprint in track and field. It's been set up to take advantage of the fastest equipment we have," explains Jimmy Diaz, president of the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA).

The documentary by Nico Prien and videographer Ole Diebold focus on the backstage activity and the events that take place while windsurfers are not racing.

But there's also action guaranteed in this 12-episode vlog series. And if you're not one those 64 fast sailboarders, you'll definitely learn a few things about slalom racing.

Because, to win a race, you need to be physically and mentally prepared to challenge the world's best. And that, as you will witness, might not be enough.

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