Windsurfing: is there a music genre for the sport? | Photo: Carter/PWA

We all love music, but wouldn't it be nice to hear songs filled with tropical windsurfing vibes?

How rare are they? How odd can they be? Search no more.

We've found the ultimate windsurfing tunes... featuring windsurfing lyrics and windsurf-related titles.

Windsurfing music: what's that?

The music genre may not exist, but the wind sport is taken into consideration during the songwriting process.

"Windsurfer" | Roy Orbison

What do Roy Orbison and windsurfing have in common? Everything.

The American singer-songwriter died in 1988, but on his last album "Mystery Girl," posthumously released in 1999, he sings the "Windsurfer" song:

All he wanted was
To ride out on the wind

To be one of the guys
And to look good in her eyes

"Get Here" | Oleta Adams

In 1985, American singer-songwriter and keyboardist Brenda Russell wrote "Get Here," a pop ballad that reached number 37 on the Billboard R&B charts.

However, nearly five years later, Oleta Adams heard the song and recorded a version that would resonate as an anthem for the US troops in the Gulf War.

And there's a slight reference to the sport in the lyrics.

You can windsurf into my life
Take me up on a carpet ride
You can make it in a big balloon
But you better make it soon

Strange References

Canadian indie rockers Broken Social Scene live in Toronto, where the Toronto Windsurfing Club is particularly active.

Did it inspire the band to write and compose "Windsurfing Nation," a song with no direct references to the sport in its lyrics?

We might never know.

In San Francisco, a duo - Daniel Saxon Judd and Samuel Milton Grawe - has released four albums under the band name "Windsurf."

They make cosmic disco music. Are you ready to explore more music featuring windsurfing? Explore the following options:

Songs With References to Windsurfing in Titles and Lyrics

Oleta Adams ("Get Here")
Broken Social Scene ("Windsurfing Nation")
The Surfers ("Windsurfin'")
Windsurf ("Windsurf")
Francesco Spagnolo ("Windsurf")
The Strumbellas ("Windsurfers")
Edoardo Vianello ("Windsurf")
JP Pasquier ("Windsurf")
Claude Cambed & The Now ("Windsurf Twirl")
Phillip Lober ("Windsurfing")
Rebolledo ("Windsurf, Sunburn and Dollar")

Artists With a Song Titled "Windsurfing"

Joe Romano
Broken Brass Ensemble
Cabaret Surf
Terry Silverlight
Guido Mobius
Claus Jahn

Songs With the Word "Windsurfer" In the Title

Graeme Hindmarsh ("Jervis Bay Symphonic Suite, Op. 7: IV. Windsurfer")
Eileen M. O'Brien ("Ode to the Windsurfer")
Jeff Walton ("Windsurfer Eats It / Quarantine")

Artists With a Song Titled "Windsurfer"

Roy Orbison
Uli Fasold
Marc Cary Focus Trio
Nigel Ogden
Ernest Lyons
Perry Novak
Bob Volkman
Bill Dees
Grayson Kabler
Steve F.

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