The best WindSUP boards in the world

WindSUP: go windsurfing, go stand-up paddleboarding | Photo: Starboard

WindSUP is one of the smartest inventions ever produced by the board sports industry. Discover what makes a good stand-up paddleboard for windsurfers and occasional paddlers.

What is a WindSUP? Is it a windsurf board or a stand-up paddleboard (SUP)? A WindSUP is a blend between windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding.

In other words, it is a SUP that you can go sailing with, a crossover board for both windsurfers and surfers. And with no foot straps - it's a two-in-one plank.

The watersports industry found an interesting way of selling SUPs to windsurfers or, if you prefer, windsurf boards that can be used by surfers and SUP enthusiasts.

But why should you own a WindSUP?

WindSUP is a great pick for surfers wishing to try windsurfing on a windy summer day and for recreational windsurfers wanting to paddle out with the family and catch a few rollers.

WindSUPs feature a mast track and a center fin or daggerboard.

There are basically two types of WindSUPs - models built with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) decks and rails and inflatable versions.

The EVA units are stiffer and stronger in medium-to-high winds, while inflatable WindSUPs are ultra-portable, light, and plane surprisingly well.

The manufacturers usually recommend you leave your high-performance monofilm windsurfing sail in the garage.

There are specially designed rigs for WindSUP boards and gentle rides. They're compact, fit in your car trunk, and can be assembled in half a minute.

WindSUP: boards for sailing, boards for surfing | Photo: JP Australia

The "Red Paddle Co 10'7'' WindSUP" is an inflatable model with a removable US fin box system at the rear, side thruster fins, and a central US fin box to act as a fin/daggerboard.

The "BIC 11'6'' Wind" is a multi-purpose WindSUP for flatwater paddling and surfing. It offers excellent stability, a built-in carry handle for easy transport, and an integrated deck pad for comfort and traction.

The "Zray Windsurf SUP" is the perfect bundle for beginner windsurfers who also wish to cruise and surf waves. It's been designed for light to moderate winds and comes with a paddle, sail, board, pump, and backpack.

The "Aqua Marina Champion" features a universal insert for attaching any sail and multiple foot strap positions for all levels of sailing. It converts from a SUP to a windsurfer in a few seconds.

Discover the best inflatable SUP boards in the market.

The WindSUP boards review has been updated on December 5, 2017.

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