WindSUP: windsurfing and standup paddleboarding

WindSUP is the best choice for summer days with light winds and family beach holidays. Depending on the weather conditions, you'll be stand-up paddleboarding or windsurfing.

The windsurfing industry has been developing new products for all niches. Multiple sail designs, light windsurf gear, and boards for all levels and divisions.

When the stand-up paddleboard (SUP) hit the market, the windsurfing side of it was immediately clear.

Relax and sail in light winds with your best friend or family onboard.

Crossover boards allow riders to sail away in the gentle breeze, or catch small summer waves while exploring the coastline with a paddle.

These stable windSUP models also come with user-friendly rigging.

WindSUP kits allow a sail range between 4 and 7 square meters.

Meanwhile, the industry has developed an inflatable board model, which embeds a mast track, a dagger fin, and a fin.

The inflatable WindSUP lets you carry all gear - sail, board, mast - in a portable backpack for a relaxed day out in the water.

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