Snow windsurfing: a special snowboard by Krisjanis Tutans

Snowboards are in the center of... water sports. It might sound strange, but the mountain is really meeting the beach.

After the construction of the surfboard made for snowboarding, which was successfully tested by Rob Machado, it's time for another gear innovation.

The snowboard made for windsurfing has been invented. Krisjanis Tutans, Hot Sails Maui Latvian team rider, converted a snowboard for ice windsurfing.

"When wintertime comes, we have to think about different expressions of windsurfing.

And one of them is snow surf, as we call it here in Latvia. Actually it's possible to do a lot of crazy things with it, mostly freestyle", tells Krish.

"It's also possible to build a kicker and jump. The forward loop is the first one which we have tried, but there is thought also about pushloop", he adds.

But how did he do this innovative blend between snowboarding and windsurfing?

First of all, it's important to attach the windsurfing sail to the snowboard without damaging it.

Krisjanis Tutans used a 16mm plywood plank, a mast base on the top of the mini-board, and Chinook screws.

A small 40x20cm board weighs only 748 grams and easily be attached to the snowboard.

The result was extraordinary. Krisjanis Tutans may have created a new use for windsurfing sails.

Will Hot Sails Maui be marketing it?

Snow windsurfing: mini board has been embedded

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