Urban Breez: making land windsurfing great again | Photo: Urban Breez

The second life of land windsurfing has arrived. Urban Breez is a surfboard-shaped skateboard that lets you go street windsurfing.

The 53-inch (135 centimeters) long and 12-inch (30 centimeters) wide, four-wheel board was specifically designed for those who want to ride a windsurfing sail out of the water.

With a super stable riding surface, wide axis, and big wheels, Urban Breez will get you windsurfing on concrete, asphalt, grass, and wet sand.

The board allows you to mount the mast in several positions, depending on the wind conditions and experience level.

Urban Breez is an excellent board for learning to windsurf.

Beginners will be able to get in touch with the basics of wind sailing without falling into the water.

Nevertheless, it is also great equipment for intermediate and advanced windsurfers to improve their riding techniques and skills inland.

"I love windsurfing, but I also enjoy design and making fun things," explains Matjaz Hrovat, founder of Urban Breez.

"I always wanted to windsurf more, but I don't have enough time to get to the beach for the whole day.

"And I feel butterflies in my stomach every time it gets windy, so I thought to myself: 'how can I windsurf if I only have an hour and a half free?"

Urban Breez: a long and wide surfboard-shaped skateboard ready to hold a windsurfing sail | Photo: Urban Breez

Land Windsurfing Reinvented

Hrovat decided to redesign and reinvent street windsurfing.

Urban Breez is an evolution of the early land windsurf boards and arrives with a shape ready for tight and fast turns, jibes, and tacks.

You can set it up in less than five minutes.

The creator notes that it is also a great workout and can be used with a hand-held inflatable sail used in wing surfing.

"It turns out to be pretty amazing at gaining awesome speed in just a few meters. I have to say the feeling is very close to windsurfing on water," adds Matjaz Hrovat.

"I also tested the Urban Breez on a grass field. It has much more friction than asphalt or cement, so you slow down as soon as you stop pulling the sail. It's a lot of fun but also quite a workout!"

Land windsurfing is here again. Get ready to learn a few windsurf tricks on the streets of your town.

If you're new to windsurfing, get the feel of riding downwind for the first time and cruise around anywhere with the lightest wind.

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