"We are in discussions with 25 different PWA event projects"

December 1, 2011 | Windsurfing
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The world's best windsurfers are wanted in 25 different locations, at any time. That is why Richard Page, the PWA World Tour Manager, believes there are always good contest options in the greatest spots of the planet.

Still, in the windsurfing world, brands keep their turnover numbers to themselves blocking a global evaluation of the industry. Also, the 2012 season will see new changes that will benefit the riders. This the second part of the interview with Richard Page:

What can be improved in the Slalom, Wave and Freestyle competitions?

Richard Page: PWA disciplines are the cutting edge of development in rules and formats.

The rebirth of Slalom racing as an all winds discipline was brought about by PWA development and leadership of the discipline and it has been a huge boost for recreational and national level racing everywhere, driving equipment development toward user friendly gear that anyone can race on and boosting sales of race gear.

All of the PWA disciplines are in a constant state of evaluation and evolution. We work closely with the riders and judging teams to update and streamline the way in which each discipline is contested.

We created a new Freestyle judging format in the last few years that has proved massively successful and has lifted the discipline to new highs. There have been some changes put in place for 2012 which will go largely unnoticed to the outside world, but that will make a big difference to the riders.

On the flip side, there are other changes that will directly benefit the viewer such as changes to the way wave events are scored to facilitate live interaction with the audience, both online and live at the beach.

Is PWA scheduling new stages in the World Tour?

RP: We are always looking for new and exciting destinations for events, but we do not just sit on massive reserves of cash and decide where we would like to go! Each event comes about through partnerships with local sponsors and local promoters so, to some extent, we are governed by where the money takes us.

Currently we have significantly increased numbers of enquiries from clients looking to put on events and at any one time we are usually in discussions with around 25 different event projects. Of course not all of these materialize into events in the end, but there are definitely some great possibilities out there.

How much is worth the world windsurfing industry?

RP: That is a difficult question to answer – the brands tend to play their cards close to their chest! What I can tell you is that, although there have been some challenging years for the brands recently, if what the PWA is experiencing currently can be taken as an indicator, there are good times ahead!

Which sailing class is best positioned to be part of the Summer Olympics? Windsurfing or kitesurfing?~

RP: Errrrm…. Windsurfing has been an Olympic sport since 1984 so I’d have to say Windsurfing!

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