X-Project: windsurfing, kiteboarding and snowboarding in the snowy mountains of Engadin | Photo: Quattro Media

A group of windsurfers, kiteboarders, and snowboarders participated in a unique stunt that combined different sports in the breathtaking snowy landscape of the Engadin mountains in Switzerland.

The X-Project is an old dream that has been planned and in the making for years.

At the heart of it is windsurfing in powder snow alongside speed riding, snowboarding, and snowkiting.

For the X-Project, the team brought together the world's best athletes from a wide variety of sports, including snow and big wave windsurfer Levi Siver.

There's also foil freestyle world champion Balz Müller, Free Ride World Tour vice-world champion Flo Orley, junior freestyle kite world champion Maxime Chabloz, and two-time snowboard world champion Ueli Kestenholz.

The X-Project film was shot in the dreamy mountains of the Engadin, Switzerland, creating amazing and never-before-seen images.

The unique thing about the X-project is the combination of different sports in the snow.

In the history of winter sports, these sports have never been combined in this way. The pictures and film recordings look surreal, yet you can feel the rush of riders.

The X-project unveils fascinating angles and maneuvers and opens up new dimensions in winter sports.

The X Marks the Spot

Siver and Müller draw the "X" into the pristine powder snow slopes with the snow windsurfing gear in the Engadine Mountains.

The windsurfing legend is one of the world's best big wave windsurfers.

In his hometown of Maui, Hawaii, he sails the world's heaviest walls of water in Hookipa and Jaws/Peahi.

The Swiss representative Müller is a pioneer in foil sports and won the first windsurfing foil world title.

Chabloz and Kestenholz represent wind sports' air division with lots of snowkiting experience and speed riding in alpine environments.

The duo amassed several trophies, including freeride skiing, freestyle kitesurfing, and snowboarding national and international titles.

Kestenholz is a multisport legend, a multiple World Cup winner, and an Olympic participant in alpine snowboarding. He has also won the X Games twice.

After his active time as a snowboarder, Ueli transitioned into a speed riding pioneer and is one of the world's best speed riders.

Finally, there's Flo Orley, who was active on the Freeride World Tour for over ten years and has won various tour stops.

The action starts with two snow windsurfers riding alongside one another, but the X-Project footage speaks for itself.

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