Zara Davis: setting speed records in Luderitz

Zara Davis has set a new female world speed sailing record on a production windsurf board, in the first day of the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012, in Namibia.

The British windsurfer smashed the previous record by setting a new mark of 44.19 knots in the Luderitz speed strip. Wind was blowing in the 28-30 knots range. She is one of only three women ever to go over 40 knots.

Zara Davis was the women's world production record holder for 500 metres, with 36.99 knots of speed. She is one of the fastest female sailors in the world.

The windsurfer born in Bristol has been sailing with a Mistral sail, in Luderitz. Davis was the first windsurfer to test the revamped raceway and will be aiming at higher records.

The 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge will take place over six weeks. Windsurfers hit the water from 5th of November to the 2nd of December, while kitesurfers race from 3rd December to the 16th December.

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