Dave Hubbard: going big at Honolua Bay

Hawaii wave riders will not forget the 2015/2016 winter season. Ask Jeff and Dave Hubbard, Jacob Romero, Miles Kauhaahaa, and Kupai Keahi what they thought of that February 2nd, at Honolua Bay.

The bodyboarders are certainly world-class; the filmmaker chose the best angles and the best rides.

And the video clip wisely named "Honolua Bay Provides 2.11.2016" can surely convince those who know nothing about the sport.

There are several lessons that bodyboarders can take from the footage - precious information on how to land a backflip, Air Roll Spin (ARS) tips, and tube riding control tutorials.

"As a kid, I would watch videos of Maui legend Chado Militante hitting the biggest sections at Honolua Bay. Mahalo for inspiring not just myself, but for many of us bodyboarders to go big. Nothing better than bodyboarding at home with good friends," wrote Jacob Romero on the epic session.

"So much fun sharing waves with my friends! I could easily dream about riding this wave again every night," added a thrilled Jeff Hubbard, who shows plenty of commitment in the pre-season matches.

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