Jamie O'Brien: riding a bodyboard at Pipeline

Hawaiian Pipeline master Jamie O'Brien grabbed a bodyboard and joined Jeff Hubbard at Banzai Pipeline.

This is not the first O'Brien rides the boogie. In the past, he was invited to compete in IBA World Tour events as a wildcard. But getting barreled at Pipeline on a good-sized day is another story.

"My theory about bodyboarding at Pipe is that I don't take a wave over six feet because if I do, and in anything bigger than six feet, I keep sliding into no man's land and getting wedgied by the leash under the water," said O'Brien, a few minutes before paddling out.

"The last time I boogie-boarded, I got pinned on the reef, rolled my ankle, and I was out for a month. It was my worst wipeout in the last five years."

But Jamie O'Brien did what he is known for and got the deepest barrels of the day. Three-time world champion Jeff Hubbard was impressed.

"He got the best waves of the day just getting shacked on his boogie board. Jamie owned it from the peak, every set," stated Hubbard.

On the next day, the duo went for a bodyboard transfer session. Needless to say that Jamie won the matchup against Hubbard.

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