Bobby Kithcart: the bodyboarder got barreled at the Surf Ranch

Bobby Kithcart is one of the first lucky bodyboarders to ride the Surf Ranch, in Lemoore, California.

The rider from Los Angeles' South Bay was invited to bring his boogie board to the restricted wave pool owned by the World Surf League. Bob rides for Custom X Bodyboards.

In fact, Kithcart is probably the first accomplished bodyboarder to take on the Surf Ranch, after the initial test by Australian musician Flume, and the latest lark by pro surfer Leonardo Fioravanti.

Bobby made sure he enjoyed every second in the man-made wave facility. The Southern California rider even switched to drop-knee, which is actually his specialty.

It is quite clear that he was continually trying to adapt to the wave, reading its speed, and understanding its changing sections. But the Californian made it look easy.

Bobby Kithcart got barreled on a right-hander after meticulously stalling and waiting for the lip to get him fully covered. But he also performed a few flawless el rollos, and air roll spins in the fast peeling left-hand version of the pool.

It will be interesting to watching the first-person footage captured via mouth mount. Hopefully, it will allow us to understand how hard it is to ride prone at the Surf Ranch, and how technical it gets for a bodyboarder.

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