Rere Rock Slide: two inches of water

Bodyboarders have been ridding the Rere Rock Slide in New Zealand.

If you were complaining about riding waves in shallow waters and rocky reefs, take a look at Jenna and Jordan.

They've headed to the Wharekopae River and decided to document an original slide with two inches of water below.

All you need is a bodyboard and a surf camera. Then it's just pure fun.

The adventurers launched from the top of the rockslide and rode the 60-meter-long track at full throttle.

If you're planning to do the same, make sure to keep your fingers high.

Although the rocks have been smoothed by the constantly running water of the Wharekopae River, you must avoid touching them with your fingers on the reef.

Sliding on asphalt is not a pleasant picture. So add a helmet and a wetsuit, just in case the Rere Rock Slide wants a piece of your body.

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