Staircase bodyboarding: no reefs, just concrete walls

Normally, there are two competitive divisions in bodyboarding: prone and drop-knee, but there's a third specialty coming up. Meet staircase bodyboarding.

Bodyboarding is a water sport in which riders get the most out of ocean waves. But the sport invented by Tom Morey is in constant evolution, and enthusiasts are taking it down the stairs.

In fact, we don't need water or waves to ride a bodyboard anymore. If you live in a double-story house or apartment, stairs exist to be ridden.

Although wax might still be an option, you just need a classic bodyboard, a surf leash, and definitely a helmet.

The best spots are located in curved staircase homes or three flights of stairs.

There are multiple staircase bodyboarding videos on YouTube.

The most experienced riders recommend you place fluffy pillows in the finishing section of each ride so that you don't end up painting your walls blood red.

A few riders have decided to go for it in stand-up mode. The consequences may be tragic.

Sledding down the stairs on a boogie board also means breathtaking wipeouts.

Please don't try this at home, even if you're an experienced bodyboarder. You will hurt yourself.

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