Eddie Solomon: our hero

Eddie Solomon, one of the most passionate US bodyboarders and industry professionals, has publicly revealed he has been diagnosed with high-grade T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a rare form of cancer of the immune system's own T-cells.

"My cancer is very aggressive and came on very, very quick," he told the bodyboarding community in a series of posts he will be writing about his battle against the disease.

Solomon initially felt neck pain and went through the X-Ray. Doctors detected a tumor in the chest by the spinal cord.

Eddie began to have problems breathing and went through surgery and chemotherapy. He is now at home, with his family, recovering from all processes.

SurferToday.com would like to send a huge hug to Eddie, his family and friends, and people at 662mob, Bodyboarder Magazine, and bodyboarder.com, where our mate does some serious work.

Get back to the peak soon, Eddie. We're there to greet you.

Join the fundraising events.

Update 24/06/11:

"I am currently on day 6 of 13 of my 10th chemotherapy cycle like this at UCLA Hospital while I wait to go to Germany. Everyone's help means the world to me."

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