Bodyboarding: injuries come and go | Photo: Surfing Australia/Woolacott

Have you ever suffered a serious injury and wondered if you'd be bodyboarding again? Don't panic. Learn how to overcome physical problems and get back to water quickly.

Sergio Machado, a Portuguese bodyboarder, started riding waves when he was a young kid. At 21, he injured his shoulder and underwent surgery.

"I understood that the problem was that I had a lack of specific training to complement the impact of bodyboarding in my body," explains Sergio.

"Since then, I knew that if I wanted to keep bodyboarding for many years, I should have a training regime that would support the physical requirements of the sport."

Machado also discovered that both knee caps weren't in place. The problem made him feel a lot of pain while riding waves.

A few doctors didn't want to solve the problem with surgery and told him to keep going the way it was for the rest of his life.

Other specialists told Sergio he could have surgery if he wanted it.

The bodyboarder opted to do it. Right after the surgery, he could barely walk.

"The recovery process was long and hard, but I really wanted to get back to the water without pain. I was motivated enough even if I couldn't hit the water," adds Sergio.

Today, the Portuguese rider has plans to keep traveling with his bodyboard in search of perfect waves.

Problems only exist to be solved. Get stretching and conditioning in your daily routine.

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