Forward spin 360: a bodyboarding classic | Photo: El Coleccionista de Instantes/Creative Commons

The 360-degree forward spin is a basic bodyboarding maneuver. It is also one of the classiest moves in the sport's bag of tricks. Learn how to pull it nice and easy.

One of the most important tips is that you shouldn't start doing a 360 too close to the barrel or too far away from the pocket.

Yes, it is possible to do it inside the tube, but that's not the best way to learn it. And no, don't do it in the flat section.

The forward 360 in bodyboarding allows you to keep the ball running. However, it is not - or it shouldn't be - a finishing trick.

When you complete a forward spin, you're expected to continue riding the wave.

Control is key to success. If your bottom turns are good and fine-tuned, then the 360 forward spin is just the next step, the natural evolution.

The secret lies in putting all the weight on your belly and spinning. It is also essential to train it in a powerful, clean shoulder.

Beginners may try dropping the hand into the water to force the spin, but as you get it right, you will only need a body gesture to start the 360 rotation.

360 Spin 101

Let's learn how to pull a full forward spin 360 in bodyboarding:

  1. Adjust your speed: if you're going too fast, stall by digging your fins into the water or pulling the nose of the board; if you're too slow, lean forward on the board;
  2. Start lifting your legs out of the water: a low center of gravity is critical;
  3. Prepare your inside rail: put your weight on the inside rail;
  4. Throw your head over the shoulder: look in the direction you are about to spin;
  5. The bodyboard will start spinning: cross your legs up behind you;
  6. Arch your back: weight will be focused on the middle of the board;
  7. Return to the standard trim position;
  8. Lower your chest and legs;
  9. Get your fins into the water;
  10. Reconquer the wave face;

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