Jacob Romero: he invented the straight leg, monk seal 360 | Photo: Romero Archive

The straight-leg monk seal 360 is a bodyboarding trick invented by Jacob Romero.

The spin 360 is a classic bodyboarding trick that never goes out of fashion. It was one of the first moves tried on a boogie board since the sport established itself.

Nevertheless, you don't see it performed quite often, and in competition, it doesn't normally conquer the hearts of judges in competitions.

Hawaiian rider Jacob Romero decided to revamp the forward spin by extending its execution on the face of the wave for a longer period.

Although it seems relatively easy to pull off, the straight leg, monk seal 360, requires the right wave and a relaxed approach; otherwise, you'll lose momentum and get caught by the white water.

Straight Leg, Monk Seal 360

Here's how to perform it:

  1. Catch a wave and start riding it;
  2. Look for a suitable place on the wave to maneuver;
  3. Without crossing them, slightly lift both legs, but not too much;
  4. Begin the rotation and keep your legs straight;
  5. Keep your head down and complete the spin;

Make sure you don't use your fin to spin around. The trick is great for getting around sections and having fun with your friends.

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