Iain Campbell clinches the 2017 Viana World Bodyboard Championship

October 2, 2017 | Bodyboarding
Iain Campbell: the South African won his second consecutive Viana Pro title | Photo: Tó Mané/APB

Iain Campbell has taken out the 2017 Viana World Bodyboard Championship, at Praia da Arda, Viana do Castelo, in the north of Portugal.

The South African bodyboarder won his second consecutive APB World Tour event and cemented his reputation in the Portuguese beach breaks. Campbell displayed a solid and confident performance in Sintra and Viana.

For the Viana final, Pierre-Louis Costes and Iain Campbell met in wind-affected, three-to-six-foot waves. Despite the tricky ocean conditions, both riders found a few opportunities in a shifty lineup.

"I am still in a bit of disbelief. Well done to all the riders on an epic event, especially Pierre-Louis Costes, Lewy Finnegan and Uri Valadao for riding four intense heats today," said Iain Campbell.

The 26-year-old bodyboarder is en route to win his maiden world title. Campbell, who had already won the Viana event in 2016, has a comfortable lead in the riders' ranking.

"A huge shoutout to Tristan Roberts and Luke Kitchin for the epic chair. It means the world to be carried by you legends!  It's been one incredible journey, and I'm excited for these next few weeks."

In the Pro Junior division, Lionel Medina defeated Noah Capdeville.

"I can't express what I feel right now. I'd never imagined I'd ever fulfill my dream. It was the best event of my life, not only because I won it, but also for the moments I had with friends on this trip," concluded Medina.

The next stop on the 2017 APB World Tour is the Nazaré Pro. The competition kicks off October 3, at Praia do Norte, and may crown new world champions.

2017 Viana World Bodyboard Championship | Finals

1. Iain Campbell (RSA)
2. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA)

Pro Junior
1. Lionel Medina (CNY)
2. Noah Capdeville (FRA)