Pierre-Louis Costes and Isabela Sousa win the 2010 IBA Búzios Bodyboarding

May 10, 2010 | Bodyboarding

2010 IBA Búzios Bodyboarding: French victory

The fifth and final day of competition for the IBA Buzios Bodyboarding 2010 was greeted by a significant change in conditions. The warm and sunny weather seen all week was replaced by clouds, intermittent rain, and onshore winds.

Despite the turn in weather, competitors and staff were excited to get going in the improved surf conditions. With the beginning of an incoming swell starting to fill in, the waves had picked up to a solid 2-3ft with the occasion bigger sets. Competition resumed on day five with round six of the men’s pro division.

During round six, the upsets and close heats which had been prevalent all week continued. In heat two, Mark McCarthy (SAF) was eliminated by Tainin Monte (BRZ) who continued to look impressive. In heat five, Hermano Castro and 2008 IBA world champion Uri Valadão battled it out it a heat so close they finished tied.

Hermano would advance on the tie breaker. Also in a close heat, Diego Cabrera (SPN) would come up just short against 6x world champion Guilmerme Tamega in the closing seconds of heat six. Heat seven was a rematch of last year’s Buzios final, with 2009 Buzios champion Eder Luciano (BRZ) once again overcoming Erisberto Abrantes (BRZ).

Heat eight would see a hard-charging Lucas Nogueira (BRZ) jump out to an early lead and take out 2x world champion Jeff Hubbard (HI). Other heat six action had Amaury Lavernhe (REU), Pierre Louis Costes (FRN), and Magno Oliveira (BRZ).

The event continued with the men’s quarterfinals. Quarterfinal one saw Tainin Monte defeating the current IBA MWT points leader Amaury Lavernhe. Pierre Louis Costes continued his strong performance by ousting Magno Oliveira from competition in heat two.

Heat three saw Guilherme Tamega put an end to Herman Castro’s day. In heat four of the quarterfinals, Lucas Nogueira continued his aggressive progress through the event eliminating defending Buzios champion Eder Luciano.

Competition moved to the semifinals, with the women up first. In heat one Nicole Calheiros (BRZ) faced off against Isabela Sousa. Nicole sat a little further down the beach away from Isabela, missing a few prime opportunities as some set waves rolled by. Meanwhile Isabela Sousa utilized the priority system to her advantage.

The highlight of the heat was Isabela’s huge ARS which scored a 9.5 with the judges and clinched the heat for her. Heat two of the women’s semifinals matched Eunate Aguirre (SPN) against Maylla Venturin (BRZ). Maylla utilized the priority system to gain the lead on Eunate and sat on the advantage through the end of the heat.

Heat one of the men’s semifinals featured Tainin Monte against Pierre Louis Costes. PLC continued his determined march forward, winning over Tainin by a convincing 3.35 margin. Semifinal heat two was a battle of the Brazilians. Lucas Nogueira came out on the offensive in the early going. Tamega would work his way back and take the lead. In the closing seconds of the heat, though, Nogueira would score a wave but come up just short.

Both of the finals would provide plenty of drama and excitement. First, in the women’s final, Maylla Venturin rode a solid performance throught the final. With time ticking down, it seemed as though Maylla was going to hold on to her lead for the win. In the final thirty seconds of the heat, though, Isabela pulled into one last set wave and pulled off the miraculous comeback for the win!

In the men’s final, Pierre Louis Costes hit the water with a sense of determination. On Pierre’s second wave, he hit a huge flip which scored a 9.5 and put him in the lead early. PLC would not relinquish that lead. Guilherme Tamega did his best to climb back into the heat, but just was not able to overcome Pierre’s two-wave combination advantage.

Upon exiting the water, Amaury Lavernhe picked Pierre up on his shoulders, Pierre popped a bottle of champagne, and the celebrating began! This was Pierre Louis Costes’ first IBA world tour win.

Following the event, IBA General Manager Terry McKenna (who watched the finals from his home in Australia despite the time difference) sent a message via the Buzios webcast message board. “Congratulations, Pierre. This win is long overdue.” The win may be overdue, but very well deserved.

The WWT event was the first event on the 2010 calendar and Isabella now has the perfect start to her campaign. The win for PLC was a career first for the Frenchman and sets him up for a great season as well.

The IBA now heads to El Gringo in Chile for the second WMT Grand Slam.

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