Pierre-Louis Costes is the 2012 European bodyboarding champion

November 27, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: European bodyboarding champ

Hugo Pinheiro has conquered the last European Tour of Bodyboard 2012 stage in Mohammedia, Morocco, but it was Pierre-Louis Costes who clinched the overall title.

The Portuguese bodyboarder from Costa de Caparica beat the French champion, Alex Uranga and Ayoub Soussi in the final heat surfed in the Moroccan shores.

"I knew it would be very difficult this year, with Pierre and Uranga, but I my weak result at the Sintra Portugal Pro was decisive. Here, I caught a good wave in the beginning of the heat and then I scored a 6-point ride in the end", explains Hugo Pinheiro.

Pierre-Louis Costes has set the European title as one of his main priorities, when he got out of the world title race.

"I had never conquered the European Tour of Bodyboard and, after winning in Sintra and in Zumaia, I understood I was in excellent position to do it. I am very glad to meet again some of the people that saw me riding my first waves", notes Pierre-Louis Costes.

European Tour of Bodyboard 2012 | Final Rankings

1. Pierre-Louis Costes
2. Alex Uranga
3. Hugo Pinheiro

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