The Coach: Pierre-Louis Costes meets Rute Penedo

Do you know who Pierre-Louis Costes is? We don't, but this novice bodyboarder has learned prone riding with "The Coach" and the inspiration of a blonde bombshell.

Prepare to watch the Monty Python of modern bodyboarding.

"The Coach" is a short movie about an absolute bodyboard beginner named Pierre-Louis Costes that learns to get barreled and pull an ARS.

This French "kook" decided to hit the waves of his coast but rapidly understood that he would not impress the beach girls with his style in the waves. Laughable duck dives and comic rides are included.

Fortunately, a stylish coach is willing to help.

Pierre-Louis Costes and "The Coach" work together for a brief moment, and minutes later, the French rider is ready to pull an impressive collection of bodyboarding tricks.

"The Coach" forces Pierre-Louis Costes to wear a helmet so that he can hear his master's tips while surfing the wave.

In the end, the French pro conquers the attention of the sexy girl - his girlfriend, Rute Penedo - and they leave to meet each other.

The legendary method of learning how to bodyboard, which was brought by "The Coach," may apply to your home break.

Are you ready to laugh out loud?

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