2010 Peruvian Inka Challenge: victoire pour Pierre

After four days of competition, Pierre-Louis Costes wins the second edition of the Peruvian Inka Challenge.

Amaury Lavernhe got the second place. In the very beginning, Pierre Louis Costes performed a massive backflip that received a perfect score of 10/10.

"I knew that against Amaury, I had to push myself to the limit. When I pulled out that backflip, I could never imagine that I would complete it. Definitely, my biggest move ever made", said the actual Peruvian Champion.

In the Drop Knee competition, Cesar Bauer took the overall title. The final round was against Ardiel Jimenez.

Bauer performed several snaps and 360s on the lip to claim his first Grand Slam trophy.

The 2010 IBA World Tour now heads to Puerto Escondido for the Zicatela Mexico Pro.

Final Results

1. Pierre Louis Costes - France
2. Amaury Laverhne - Reunion Islands
3. Jared Houston - South Africa
3. Jeff Hubbard - Hawaii
5. Guilherme Tâmega - Brasil
5. Michael Novy - Australia
5. Jake Stone - Australia
5. Ryan Hardy - Australia

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